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Lhasa Area
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Nyingchi Area
Ngari Area
Nagqu Area
Lhokha Area
Chamdo Area

Beijing/Xian/Xining/ Chengdu Trian ticket +TTB Permit
Beijing/Shanghai/ Chengdu/Xian/Kunming/ Chongqin Flight ticket+TTB Pemit
Holy Lake Namtso 1 day tour
Holy Lake Namtso 2 day tour
Yamdrok / Shigatse 2 day tour
Nying/ Draksumtso 2 day tour
Yamdrok Lake/ Tsedang 2 day tour
Everest Base Camp 4 day tour
Everest Base Camp/Namtso Lake 5 day tour

Holy Lhasa City 4 day tour
Lhasa/Namtso Highlights 5 day tour
Lhasa/Gyantse/Shigatse 6 day tour
Lhasa/Nyingchi/Basumtso 6 day tour
Lhasa/Tsedang 7 day tour
LhasaNyingchi/Namtso/Shigstse 9 day tour
Sky Road train to Tibet 8 day tour
Mt.Kailash/Lake Manasarovar 18 day tour
Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarovar/ Guge Kingdom 21 day tour
Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarova by Souther Route in and Northern Rout out 23 day tour
Everest Base Camp 8 day tour
Everest Base Camp/Kathmandu 10 day tour
Everest Base Camp/Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarovar 18 day tour
Sichuan/Tibet Hwy Southern Route overland 14 day tour
Sichuan/Tibet Hwy Northern Route overland 15 day tour
Eastern Tibet Southern Route to Northern Route Circuit overland 15 day tour
Qinghai/Tibet Hwy overland 15 day tour
Yunnan/Tibet overland 14 day tour

Everest Base Camp 12 day trekking tour
Ganden to Samye 10 day trekking tour
Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen hot spring 9 day trekking tour
Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarova 18 day trekking tour
Shalu Monastery to Nartang 9 day trekking tour
Chengdu/Shanghai 12 day tour
Beijing/Xian/Tibet/ Chengdu/Yangtze cruises/Shanghai Highlights 15 day tour

Tibet map
Tibet Individual Self Tour 130USD-260USD
(Train/ Flight ticket+TTB permit)
Lhasa Highlights 5 day Tour
Tibet Local 2 day Tour
Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu 10 Day Tour
Sky Road Train to Tibet 9 day Tour
Lhasa AreaShigatse Area
[5/20]About Jokhang Temple0
[5/10]Chakpori Hill (Yao Wang Shan)0
[5/10]Ramoche Monastery (Xiao Zhao S...0
[5/10]Sera Monastery 0
[5/10]Potala Palace 0
[5/10]Norbulingka (the Summer Palace...0
[5/10]trip lhasa to katmandu0
[5/10]lhasa notes0
[3/29]Sakyamuni Buddha0

[5/22]The Dalai Lama: A spiritual le...0
[5/22]The Dalai Lama 0
[5/22]dalai lama and banchan0
[3/31]yamdrok 0
[3/31]sera monastery 0
[3/29]xalhu monastery0
[3/29] shigatse today0
[3/29]Geography Situation0
[3/29]Mount Qomolangma (Mt. Everest)0
[3/29]Tashilhunpo Monastery0

Nyingchi AreaNgari Area
[5/22]Nyingchi Travel Tips 0
[3/31]people in nyingchi0
[3/31]nyingchi festival 0
[3/31]nyingchi unique custom 0
[3/31]nyingchi religion0
[3/31]nyingchi history 0
[3/31]five nature reserves in nyingc...0
[3/31]Exceptional Advantages in nyin...0
[3/31]Nyingchi wildlife0
[3/31]Snow Mountains and Forests in ...0

[5/23]Tholing Monastery0
[5/23]Monasteries in Tibet0
[5/23]Guge Civilization:Still Myster...0
[3/29]A Trip to Ngari0
[3/29]Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarov...0
[3/29]Ruins of Guge Kingdom0
[3/29]Ngari Expects 100,000 Tourists...0
[3/29]Happy Life of Ngari People0
[3/29]Tour in Ngari (3)0

Nagqu AreaLhokha Area
[3/31]Naqu map 0
[3/29]Namtso Lake 0
[3/29] Enormous Changes in the Live...0
[3/29]Socio-economic Development0
[3/29] Farming and Animal Husbandar...0
[3/29]qiangtang glassland20
[3/29]naqu horse racing0
[3/29] Geography Situation0
[3/28]Naqu horse-racing festival0
[3/27]Zhoima Canyon Scenic Spot 0

[5/24]Yamdrok Yumtso Lake0
[5/24]The HolyLake0
[5/24]Tradruk Temple0
[5/24]Lhokha Hotel0
[5/24]Featured Food in Lhokha 0
[5/23]Lhokha Transportation0

Chamdo Area
[5/24]KarubRuins 0
[5/24]Chamdo Travel Tips 0
[3/30]chamdo hotel0
[3/30]Jampaling temple0
[3/30]Rich and Colorful Religion and...0
[3/30]Travel in Chamdo0
[3/30]Chamdo Geography0
[3/27]Chamdo Climate0
[3/27]Chamdo Feature0
[3/27]Chamdo introduction0

2007-2008 Tibet Tour

Classical tibet tour
These tours cover the World Heritage Sites of the Potala and Jokhang Temple and the Barkhor Pilgrimage circuit, the huge monastic institution of Drepung and Sera Monastery, and also the holy lake - Namtso lake, Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, shigatse Tashilhunpo Monastery, Nyingchi, E.B.C...

Lhasa/Gyantse/Shigatse 6 day tour
Lhasa/Nyingchi 6 day tour
Lhasa/Tsedang 7 day tour
Everest Base Camp 8 day tour
Everest Base Camp/Kathmandu 10 day tour

Tibet Lhasa Shigatse 6day tour

Kham overland tour
These route are two main routes of Sichuan-Tibet Highway which links the Tibetan areas of Western Sichuan with mainland Tibet. The journey goes through the wild, mountainous and remote Tibetan areas of Western Sichuan, you will be amazed to see that Tibetan culture is in many ways better preserved here. The route offers an insight to the culture, custume and tradition of Khama people.

Tibet Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest 8days tour

Sichuan/Tibet Hwy Southern Route 14 day tour

Sichuan/Tibet Hwy Northern Route 15 day tour

Mt. Kailash tour
All the way from Lhasa to Mt.Kailash, you will visit Gyantse, Shigatse, Sakya, Lake Monasarovar. Make a 3-day trek around holy Mt.Kailash...
Mt.Kailash/ Lake Manasarovar 18 day tour

Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarovar/Guge Kingdom 21 day tour
Tibet Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest 10days tour

Trekking tour
Tibet is a land of rich cultual and ecological contrasts. The most popular trekking is in the centre of the region, around the major towns and highways. In our tibet trekking tour, we have recommended 5 popular trekking routes in Tibet, with a fantastic walking, superb scenery.

Tibet Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest 8days tour

Everest Base Camp 12 day trekking tour

Ganden to Samye Monastery 9 day trekking tour

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