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Beijing/Xian/Xining/ Chengdu Trian ticket +TTB Permit
Beijing/Shanghai/ Chengdu/Xian/Kunming/ Chongqin Flight ticket+TTB Pemit
Holy Lake Namtso 1 day tour
Holy Lake Namtso 2 day tour
Yamdrok / Shigatse 2 day tour
Nying/ Draksumtso 2 day tour
Yamdrok Lake/ Tsedang 2 day tour
Everest Base Camp 4 day tour
Everest Base Camp/Namtso Lake 5 day tour

Holy Lhasa City 4 day tour
Lhasa/Namtso Highlights 5 day tour
Lhasa/Gyantse/Shigatse 6 day tour
Lhasa/Nyingchi/Basumtso 6 day tour
Lhasa/Tsedang 7 day tour
LhasaNyingchi/Namtso/Shigstse 9 day tour
Sky Road train to Tibet 8 day tour
Mt.Kailash/Lake Manasarovar 18 day tour
Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarovar/ Guge Kingdom 21 day tour
Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarova by Souther Route in and Northern Rout out 23 day tour
Everest Base Camp 8 day tour
Everest Base Camp/Kathmandu 10 day tour
Everest Base Camp/Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarovar 18 day tour
Sichuan/Tibet Hwy Southern Route overland 14 day tour
Sichuan/Tibet Hwy Northern Route overland 15 day tour
Eastern Tibet Southern Route to Northern Route Circuit overland 15 day tour
Qinghai/Tibet Hwy overland 15 day tour
Yunnan/Tibet overland 14 day tour

Everest Base Camp 12 day trekking tour
Ganden to Samye 10 day trekking tour
Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen hot spring 9 day trekking tour
Mt. Kailash/Lake Manasarova 18 day trekking tour
Shalu Monastery to Nartang 9 day trekking tour
Chengdu/Shanghai 12 day tour
Beijing/Xian/Tibet/ Chengdu/Yangtze cruises/Shanghai Highlights 15 day tour
Tibet map
Tibet Individual Self Tour 130USD-260USD
(Train/ Flight ticket+TTB permit)
Lhasa Highlights 5 day Tour
Tibet Local 2 day Tour
Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu 10 Day Tour
Sky Road Train to Tibet 9 day Tour
  > tibet tour routes > Tibet Individual Self Tour
Tibet Individual self tour--Train ticket/Fight ticket+TTB Permit
Author:tibet tour Source:tibet tour time:2006-3-1
Tibet Permit Package Tour

-Flight tour depart from Chengdu, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xining, Kunming, Zhongdian, Chongqin... 

Trip Briefing:
Trip Code:TTI-01-09
Trip Style:Group tour permit
Starting City: Any city of China
Ending City: Lhasa


Trip Code Depature City Depature Date Service Include Price
(USD or EUR)
TTI-001 Chengdu


One way flight ticket + Tibet Entry Permit+ Chengdu airport dropping off 310USD/
3-5 working days before


Warm Tips:
- There will be 15 flights depature everyday, the morning flight is the best. Flight schedule details...- 2-5 star hotels in Chengdu are available. More details click...

- Chengdu Panda tour 10USD/p.p or 2-4 days local tours can be available. More details click...


TTI-02 Beijing


One way flight ticket + Tibet Entry Permit 440USD/
5 working days before
TTI-03 Xian

Every Tuesday,Thursday

One way flight ticket + Tibet Entry Permit 330USD/
7 working days before
TTI-04 Shanghai

Every Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday 

One way fligth ticket + Tibet Entry Permit 480USD/
5 working days before
TTI-05 Guangzhou

Every Monday,Friday

One way flight ticket + Tibet Entry Permit 450USD/
5 working days before
TTI-06 Kunming

Everyday Wednesday

One way flight ticket + Tibet Entry Permit 370USD/
7 working days before
TTI-07 Xining

Every Monday,Friday

One way flight ticket + Tibet Entry Permit 320USD/
10 working day before


Warm Tips:
- The flight from Xining to Lhasa is not everyday depature, please reserve it as soon as possibe that we can give you more exactly informaiton.

- There will be 1-3 days Xining local tours for you such as travel to Qinghai lake can be available More details click...


TTI-08 Chongqing Everyday One way flight ticket + Tibet Entry Permit 330USD/
7 working days before

How to book your Tibet Permit Package Tour step by step:

1. Please scan or fax your passport and China visa copy to us. The China visa must be valid more than 10 day.
Scan to: china3737@hotmail.com
Fax to: 0086-28-85544588

2. Please pay full pirce to us by bank of China, Westen Union or Credit card. More details check:

3. You will get the scan or fax of your E-ticket and TTB permit.
- You can use the copy of E-ticket and the group TTB permit check in then fly to Lhasa by yourselves.

- This TTB permit just allow you travel in Lhasa area for 4-6 days. If you want to travel outside of Lhasa area, please join our 1-4 days local tours to get the Tibet travel permit with English speaking guide and vans.

  * You can't miss the following wonderful Tibet local tours:
  - One days charming tour to  Holy lake Namtso  starts from
  - Two days culture tour to Ganden and Samye Monastery  starts from
  - Four days classical tour to Evrest Base Camp   starts from
  - Four days adventure tour to Nepal boarder via E.B.C  starts from    

4. When you arrive at Lhasa airport you can take the ariport bus with the price of 30RMB/p.p. 1 hour later arrive at airport bus station in the city center, then take a taxi or pedicab to the hotel by yourselves.

5. 1-2 days later,after you adapt the high altitude please cotact with our Lhasa office about your local tour around Tibet. ( Your original papar of TTB permit is in our Lhasa office).

Our Lhasa office details
Co.: Tibet International Traffic Travel
ADD: First floor of Fengyaxuan Hotel, No. 1 east Jiangshu Road, Lhasa( near by Potala square)
Contact Person: Lisa
Contact No.: 0891-6575161  13628902055
Othere Service:
- There will be 2-5 star hotels in Lhasa can available for your use.  More details click?/A>

- We also can help you book back flight tickets. But trian tickets till the end of Sep. are hard to get.

1. If the Tibet authority refuses to issue the Tibet entry permit because of tourists themselves' reasons, we won't be responsible for it.

2. This is special offers for individuals come from abroad and China Taiwan.

3. Train ticket to Lhasa is so hard to get that we do not do the business till Oct. 10th. But we will focus on it and try to book it for you as soon as possilbe.
Train ticket schedule:


Contact with:
Tel: (+86)-28-85568628 Fax:(+86)-28-85544588
MSN: china3737@hotmail.com
Skype: china3737

Tibet Discount Hotel Recommended:

Hotel Name
Hotel Chinese Name
Hotel Location
Hotel Rate
Daily Rate /Room(RMB)
Brahmaputra Grand Hotel

Yangcheng Plaza, Gongbutang Road, 
5 1580
Lhasa Xinding Grand Hotel No.8,Jinzhu 2 Road,Zhonghe InternationalCity,Lhasa,Tibet,China 5 980
Lhasa Jardin Secret Hotel No.60,Jinzhu West Road,Lhasa,Tibet 5 880
Lhasa Hongfeng Hotel In the central of Lhasa,Tibet 4 340
Lhasa Litai Hotell Binhe Road, Taiyangdao, Lhasa,Tibet 4 320
Lhasa Greeting Hotel

Touring Business Pedestrian Street,Yutuo Road,Lhasa,Tibet 4 320
Lhasa Xinhua Hotel

No.2 Yutuo Road,Lhasa,Tibet 3 280
Kailash Hotel

No.143 Beijing East Road 3 280
Jinbo Grand Hotel

No.12 Linkuo North Road,Lhasa,Tibet 3 160

Youth Hostel and Famlily Inn

Hotel Name
Hotel Chinese Name
Hotel Location
Tel. No.
Yak Hotel

No.100 Beijing East Road,Lhasa,Tibet 0891-6323496
Snowland Hotel
In the central of Lhasa 0891-6323687
Banak Shol Youth Hostel No.8 Beijing East Road,Lhasa,Tibet 0891-6323829
Lhasa Dongcuo International Youth Hostel No.10 Beijing East Road,Lhasa,Tibet 0891-6273388
Jiri Hotel No.12 Beijing East Road,Lhasa,Tibet 0891-6323462
More Family Inn Hotel information please click?

Tibet Permit | Train Schedule to Tibet | Flight Schedule to Tibet

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