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Lhasa/ Gandan/ Reting/ Damxung/ Nam Tso Lake 12 days trekking tour
Author:sichuan Source:china-panda time:2006-3-20

Trip Code: TTT-08


Route feature:
   Cultural highlights in Lhasa with Gandan and Reting.4 days trekking from Damxung to Nam Tso Lake.Walking by the Nam Tso Lake.It is a spectacular journey to fly from Chengdu to Lhasa. We land at Gongga Airport, which is located in the Yarlung Tsangpo valley and about 100 kilometers far away from Lhasa proper. Pilgrims from all over the country frequent the city of Lhasa. Together with them we visit Potala Palace the holy land and landmark of Tibet, and Jokhang the holiest monastery in Tibet. A guide leads us to the monastery of Reting, which lies on a mountain-slope by the Kyichu River and is surrounded with beautiful, old cypress. And then we drive northward to Damxung. Our trek from Damxung to Nam Tso Lake passes through glaciated valleys and mountains of the Nyenchen Thanglha range to the pebbled shores of the lake. During the summer months the wide open spaces are filled with nomad herders and their herds of yaks and tents - an intoxicating sight. We shall also visit sacred spots, holy shrines, and the bird sanctuary. Nam Tso, or the heavenly lake lies 190 km north-west of Lhasa at an elevation of 4718 m and is the largest salt-water lake in Tibet. Surrounded by spectacular snow-covered mountains, it is a place of desolate beauty and the site of a holy hermitage that draws pilgrims from all over Tibet. Finished the trekking we set up tent camp by the lake and spend one day to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful salty lake, and walk on the vast meadow to visit Tashi Dorje, a cave temple of Nyingma Sect at the southeast of the Tashi peninsula. We leave Nam Tso pass by Yangbajing to Lhasa.

The tour itinerary:
B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner, N=overnight
Day01  Chengdu/Beijing/Shanghai/Xian/Chongqin/Kunming to Lhasa
  Lhasa airport picking up, have a good rest in the afternoon. Overnight at Lhasa.

Day02 Lhasa sightseeing
  Visit Potola Palace, Johkang temple, and Barkor Market. Overnight at Lhasa.

Day03  Lhasa sightseeing
  Visit Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, overnight at Lhasa.

Day04  Lhasa/ Gandan/ Lhasa
  In the morning drive to visit Ganden Monastery, which was built by Tsongkhaba in present-day Dagaze County to the east of Lhasa in 1409 soon after the Monlam Festival was over. Gandan is one of the three main monasteries of Gelug Sect. Anyhow, different from Drepung and Sera, it once played a more prominent political role in Tibetan history. The abbot of this monastery possess of a high religious position within the system of Gelug Sect, just inferior to Dalai and Panchan. The monastery was reconstructed in 1993 and restored its original appearance. The holy stupa of Tsongkhaba is just in the monastery. In the afternoon drive back Lhasa.

Day05 Lhasa/ Reting
   In the morning head for Reting Monastery 180 kilometers north to Lhasa. Have lunch on the way. The monastery Reting lies in the midst of an expanse of cypress forest. It was established in 1057 by Drom Toenpa, Atishas most important pupil. It was said the cypress forest had developed from a tuft of hair from Drom Toenpa, who buried that beneath the soil here. Drom Toenpa and his successors developed the monastery into a preaching base of the Kadam Sect founded in the mid-11th century. In the 15th century when Tsongkhaba founded the Gelug Sect on the basis of the Kadam doctrines, this monastery was gradually converted to the Gelug Sect. The last Reting Rinpotsche (monk scholar) served as a regent in the time of the 14th Dalai Lama. In May the Saga Dawa Festival was held here. It is said that Sakyamuni was born, enlightened and passed away all on the same date: the 15th of May. So various activities were held in this month to commemorate Sakyamuni. Gradually these ceremonies developed into the large-scale Zhuanjing activities. Zhuanjing is a form of praying ceremony; while praying, the pilgrims walk along in certain route around some sacred religious object. The visitors can take part in such activities, like walking outside of the monastery complex along the Lingkhor (outside Zhuanjing route; approx. 1 hour). In the afternoon visit the Reting Monastery or villages down the Kyichu River valley. Overnight the first time in tent.

Day06 Reting/ Damxung, Begin trekking
  In the morning drive on rugged road before reach Damxung (4130 m) by the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. Our trek begins from here. Today we will only have a short trek and goes up through a beautiful meadow. We will also visit a monastery en route. Camping.

Day07 Trekking 7-8 hours
  Today we pass through glaciated valley and reach a herder's camp where we camp for the night.

Day08 Trekking 6-7 hours
  We cross Kong La from where you have spectacular views of Nam Tso Lake and the Nyenchen Thangla ranges. Descend to a broad basin and hike along green meadows.

Day09 To Tashi Dorje and Nam Tso Lake 7-8 hours
  We hike along green meadows and pass through several nomad camps and their herds of animals. We have lunch by the lake. We then follow the jeep trail all the way to Tashi Dorje hermitage. Nam Tso, the biggest salty lake of Tibet, is 70 kilometers long from east to west and 30 kilometers wide from north to south, covering an area of 1,920 square kilometers with an altitude of 4,700 meters above sea level. It is said the holy lake and the holy mountain Nyenchentangla are a couple of lovers, who altogether guard the vast pasture and cattle. Camping.

Day10 Nam Tso Lake
  Explore the Tashi peninsula by walking around the holy hill, the cliffs of which have eroded over the centuries. On the way piles of mani stones stand. Also visit the nomads in yak hair tents who have been living on the pastures between the holy Nam Tso and Nyenchentangla. Camping

Day11 Nam Tso/ Yangbajing/ Lhasa
  Head for Yangbajing. Cross over the Lhachen La and stop at Damxung to have lunch. Afterwards drive about 2 hours along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway to come to Yangbajing. Yangbajing is 90 km to the north of Lhasa and is rich in terrestrial heat and densely distributed with various fountains, geysers, hot springs, boiling springs as well as hot-water lakes. It is a wonderful enjoyment to take a bath in an indoor swimming pool, which is supplied by fresh hot springs of Yangbajing. In the afternoon drive back to Lhasa.

Day12  Lhasa airport dropping off
   Morning Airport dropping off, end the trip.

The tour service includes:
  1. Transport: Landcruiser or Minivan available
  2. Accommodation: 5N hotels with standeroom, 6N camping
  3. Guide: Chinese, English-speaking guide available
  4. Entrance tickets
  5. Tibet Travel Permit
  6. Yak and Yak porters for Luggage during trekking

The tour service excludes:
  1. Your flight tickets
  2. Your own expense
  3. Tips for the guide and driver
  4. Trekking equipment ( Sleeping bag, tent and mattress)
  5. Meals

Note: We can offer you the flight ticket from any other places your require, and the train tickets from Beijing/Xingning/Xian or Chengdu 10 days before reservation.

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